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Why you need to wash your brushes

Not just the quick cleanse either, a full on brush bath!

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Washing your #makeup brushes can be a huge chore. BUT, I'm going to let you in on my favorite products that will help cut own your wash time and make your washes easier.

First, YES. You NEED you wash your brushes. No, not once every six months. This can be a major cause for why you're not loving your skin as brushes can harbor a lot of bacteria. Once a week is really ideal, but knowing so many people are working from home now and not wearing makeup on a regular basis, you may be able to stretch your regular washes to a couple weeks depending on how often you are using them.

The #Sigma Spa Cleansing Glove is about as good as it gets. This glove gets deep so you're not having to go super hard on delicate bristles! There are two sides, one being for your facial (large) brushes and the other for your eye (small) brushes. There is also an inside microfiber lining, which is way more comfortable than a rubber glove.


The glove itself is pretty self explanatory because it has multiple textures and tells you what they are. Start with the wash texture and always, Always, ALWAYS, put your cleanser on the glove, not the brush. If you don't have a brush cleanser I really love this one by beauty blender (and bonus because you can use it on your beauty sponges too!) because a little goes a looong way. You could also use any gentle soap you have, this could be any baby wash or soap with #cleaningredients. Your brush bristles are fragile - so the cleanser/soap you use matters if you want to maximize the life of your brushes!

To start, get your brush wet and wash in circular motions. Lightly run the water over the rinse tip and move your brush back and forth to release all suds and soap. Lightly run your brush through the refine texture, squeezing between the thumb and pointer finger and then run your brush over the refine plus. This will help your brush release any excess water and maintain it's shape as it dries.


I promise you won't regret adding this to your every-other-week routine.”

Not to add anything more to your daily routine, but to really love on your skin and maximize the life of your brushes, especially if you're not buying cheap ones, I would also suggest a quick cleanse after each use. My favorite product is the Citrus Brush Cleaner from #Sephora. It is derived from #essentialoils and super gentle for your fluffiest brushes but also makes them smell AMAZING. The best way to do this is lightly spray your brush from 6 or so inches away and lightly "figure 8" your brush on a microfiber towel to release any excess powder and makeup. Put the brush stem between your palms and rotate your palms to spin the brush. This will help the bristles dry quicker and helps maintains the shape. This quick little step will extended the period between washes and make the washes easier!

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I promise you wont regret adding this to your every-other-week routine. Your skin and your future self will definitely thank you for it!

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