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Thrift Haul

Is it obvious yet that I love thrifting? What I love more than a good #thrift is reworking and recreating wardrobe pieces!

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Before we can really get into this topic, I have to give you some more background. I am an Enneagram type 1 and 3, the perfectionist and the performer. Man, what a deadly combination. Not only do I want a high performance, I want it perfect. I am a high achiever, who wants it done, done now and done precisely. The inner critic is strong, but not on others, on myself. If something isn't done right or on time, it's on me. And boy do I let myself know. I chew my own arm off and then pick it back up because wow, what a mess, perfectly put it back together again and start from square one. It's something I'm always working on. I am aware of how unhealthy it is. Rachel Hollis has told me.

That gives you an idea of how serious I take my work. Types 3 and 1 make for a sick workaholic. Sick as in like SIIIICK, you're such a hard worker but also sick like an ailment. When I sign up for something there are no take backs.

As a creator, I have started a few brands, I love it. There is just something about taking an idea from conception to building out an actual business. It's also why I enjoy working for small businesses, you really see the difference your personal work makes.

If you read my previous post on how to: THRIFT - it's the perfect way to begin your thrifting journey or just search for a piece you have been looking for that may be hard to find. You also know, I've got another brand blended in here called outTHRIFTS, which is my online thrift shop. For years I have loved selling my items on consignment and reselling apps, but have recently taken to #Instagram to really bring it to life and launch to a new audience. It has been a slow start because when you relocate in the middle of a launch and your inventory is 1,800 miles away it makes it a little difficult to sell. In the meantime, I have found some thrifted items and reworked some of my own items and cannot wait to reveal them to you! If you're a PETEY+ROY reader you're getting a sneak peek for tomorrows new inventory that drops for purchase!

This haul consists of graphic tee's and reworked pullovers. Are you on the graphic tee trend yet? I think #quarantine really made the tee trend take off since they are very minimalistic, yet personal. There are also SO many ways to style a graphic tee to dress them up or down. My favorite part of these items is that they are ONE OF A KIND. I have hand worked most of these items to recreate them to be something "new." I also have my mom to thank because she's really teaching me all I need to know about sewing since my 7th grade home economics knowledge isn't exactly recoverable at this point. What you're receiving isn't just another item off the department store rack. It's not the same top that was printed a thousand different times. It is hand cut, stitched and the scraps are re-purposed into scrunchies! Seriously.

scrunchies pony tail messy bun hand made thrift thrifted repurposed purposeful sustainable sew sewing quarantine headband hair hairstyle style vintage

I can't wait for you all to shop the new items. If you love original and unique, you're going to LOVE outTHRIFTS!

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