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The perfect cup of coffee

I can't help but appreciate a good coffee post.

The journey to #cleaneating can be long and hard. If it's something you are starting to implement, GOOD FOR YOU! (If not, you're going to get a great at home #coffee shop inspired recipe out of this) It can be overwhelming, but if I had any advice for you it would be to start with the most critical and the items most popular in your diet.

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Most critical being those that are often modified or heavily sprayed with pesticides. If you're not familiar with the "Dirty Dozen" list, I would definitely check it out and will link it here, along with the "Clean 15."

In our household, that is coffee. Conventional coffee beans are one of the dirtiest crops worldwide. There is no limit in terms of pest/herb/fungicide which can be used on them. For this reason, it's always a good idea to buy organic, especially if you drink a few cups a day. #Organic coffee beans however, can be very beneficial as they contain essential nutrients.

I typically buy whole bean coffee, grind in small batches and store in an airtight glass or porcelain container. This keeps the rest of the coffee from becoming stale and losing it's freshness. My go-to has been Jose's Organic Coffee. It is a killer deal at Costco considering organic coffee is not cheap, but you can find it on amazon pantry too (click here). Although not cheap, you get over 2 lbs which makes a much more reasonable cost per cup! Much more reasonable than stopping at Starbucks. Another positive about purchasing at Costco is that some locations have industrial coffee grinders, so you're able to grind the entire bag before you walk out of the store. However with COVID still hanging around they have removed them. I appreciate this option but I do prefer to grind in smaller batches at home to maintain freshness. I have the Ninja coffee grinder but it has since been discontinued, but is similar to the one pictured here.

mug organic coffee cream heavy whip recipe at home DIY starbucks eating clean 15 journey healthy dirty dozen best recipe life style blog

Coffee creamer doesn't have the best reputation either. The ingredients in most creamer is less than impressive. I always go for straight organic heavy whipping cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. If I am feeling extra fancy and have the time (which now most days I do) I whip the heavy whipping cream into a soft frothy cream, sometimes sweetened with a drop of stevia, pour my coffee over it and top with a pinch of cinnamon! It is perfect, MUAH *Chef's Kiss*

You know I have to treat myself to a tall americano steamed with cream every now again though! What is your coffee shop order?

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