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The easiest way to wash your face

The magic powers within these little towels defy the universe and I am here for it.

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At this point, I think we all agree the biggest secret to skin care is washing your face. Every morning and every night. It is not a myth that failing to wash your face ages your skin. When you sleep at night and your body recuperates, your skin does too! Your cell turnover rate is at it's highest in your youth, your skin heals faster and fights the signs of aging better. As you age, your cell turnover rate slows and doesn't have the strength in numbers anymore. Which is why we pick up a more intense skin care regimen as we mature.

Even if you're not wearing makeup on the daily you still have to wash your face. Environmental factors and dead skin buildup still contribute when you're not wearing makeup. What most people probably aren't doing is a double cleanse. A double cleanse is a must in your daily routine. Why? Because the first cleanse washes away all the makeup, pollutants, bacteria and dirt that the skin picks up during the day and the second wash actually cleanses the skin, what most people think get's done on the first wash. A double cleanse can be costly, you're running through twice as much product as you once were! That's where the Erase Your Face towels come in and that's exactly what they do. I don't know how waterproof mascara and lip stain disappear with what seems to be a simple face towel, but it happens.

clean makeup wipes reusable soft gentle wash your face skin care regimen products cheap inexpensive amazon

These are so much better than your average face wipe. First, they are free of not only harsh ingredients but any ingredients! They are reusable and machine washable which saves your money and the planet. Wash before first use is only rule here. To use: run under warm water and wipe over your face and neck. You now have a clean face to do a proper "second" cleanse! In my constant search to always find the best skin care products, this one is irreplaceable!

I will link them here so you can discover the magic for yourself!

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