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The best at home wax

I have seen some of the recent at home wax videos since salons and studios were forced to #shutdown and the results are not good. If you can't get an appointment, follow these steps for the best at home wax possible!

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For those brave enough to at home wax, well it just got easier. Let me tell you about the most gentle products, best techniques and rules to follow when doing a self wax. These tips are applicable to all at home waxes whether you're thinking #brows or #brazilian.

First, let's talk pre-care. Always make sure the area you are about to #wax is clean and gently exfoliated. Exfoliating the area before hand makes the hair easier to remove. If you have super sensitive skin or are waxing a sensitive area, it is wise to prep the area with a cornstarch baby powder to create a thin barrier between the skin and the wax. Before starting, test the wax on the inside of your wrist to be sure it isn't too hot. You can always adjust the temperature after a small patch test before applying to the prepped area if the temperature is too warm.

I have gone through a lot of different wax brands to find a winner and let me tell you, this one takes the cake! I have been using the Kolua Wax for the last 6 months and recently needed an upgrade and tried their starter wax kit and it too is a winner! I would highly recommend this tiny investment ($49) if you're an at home waxer. The wax alone is a good price and with the kit you get a wax pot, 4 smaller bags of wax, large and small sticks for facial and body waxing and pre and post care serum. Personally, I tossed the before and after care just because of ingredients but either way the starter kit is still a killer deal!

All of the wax included is a hard wax. This kind of wax hardens on its own after application and you pull it off to remove. No paper strips, no sticky mess! Which is a must have for at home waxing to minimize clean up. Also, I got this food grade silicone bowl that goes inside your wax pot tin. It sounds minimal but there is NO WASTE with this bowl. If you're anything like me, that saves a lot of money! After you're done waxing, let the wax cool down and you can peel out the leftover wax and reuse what is left next time! Game changer. (The importance of the bowl being food safe is that it wont release harmful chemicals while heating up or being at a high temp.) It also minimizes clean up because you're not having to scrape and clean your wax tin! This might not seem like a big deal but after so much reheating and cooling down, the wax becomes less effective.

Now for the fun part, application. Hold your skin tight and apply your wax in the same direction of hair growth. End your application on clean skin, skin with no or minimal hair. You want to be sure that the application of your wax is thick enough that it completely covers the hair. It should be about as thick as the stick you are applying with, if not you will have a hard time removing it.

To remove, hold your skin taut from the side you are removing from, where you ended your application on CLEAN skin. Flick up the wax that is on clean skin to form a tab that you can grip tightly. As you are holding the skin taut, pull opposite the way the hair grows and stay parallel to your skin while removing, not pulling up. After removal, apply pressure to the removal area to relieve any discomfort. Best practice is to not directly go over the same area more than twice, if the hair is still not coming up, tweeze the rest.

For after care, be sure you are exfoliating every other or every third day. This will keep the skin clear for regrowth and minimize ingrown hairs. Also, be sure you are moisturizing but avoid products with synthetic fragrances or irritation may occur.

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In short, make sure the wax isn't too hot, apply in the direction of hair growth, remove against, exfoliate and moisturize! Repeat every 4-6 weeks depending on results!


Body wax (good for any area)

Wax starter kit

Safe silicone bowl

best results tweezers

Do you at home wax? Any questions? Drop them below!

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