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Simplify your skin care routine

This [inexpensive] little band will make your night and morning skin care routine easier & it's under $5.00!

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It is basically my best friend. Anything that can keep my hair out of my face has a close spot to my heart. I first started using this for non hair wash shower days, but quickly found other uses for it as well!

This headband is #perfect for the days you shower but don't wash your hair or want to get it wet. It is super stretchy so it stays tight and it's wide so it covers a majority of your head. I've had great success with it not slipping, so i'm going to go ahead and call it non-slip as well. Just plop a #topknot in the open area and you are ready to hop in the shower!

Another use is for your night time skin routine. Again, this will keep your hair out of your face while cleansing and applying all of your products. There is nothing worse than built up bronzer in your hairline! Plus, you definitely want to get your #skincare products ALL over your face, ear to ear, lower neck to forehead. I can no longer imagine doing a face mask without this! And you want to make sure the entire area is cleansed so you're not spreading your makeup from the day over your cleansed skin while applying your skin products.

I also use this (not daily, but when I am feeling extra and going out) for my makeup applications. Because just as it's perfect for taking off makeup, for the same reason its great for putting it on, hair out of my face and seamless blending! In these days of rare date nights, you know I am going to go all out when I can!

You can probably even find more ways to use this headband because it's so #universal. For it's inexpensive price it's definitely worth the investment for how often you can use it and how long it lasts!

Have you tried one of these? What else do you use it for?

happy cleansing,

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