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Season's Hottest Accessory: sun hat

I know we are half way through the summer at this point, but it's never to late to take care of yourself, especially in style!

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It's been three summers now, and the sun hat still has my heart in these summer months. The best part is they are easy to travel with too! If you reside in a state that a sunhat isn't always necessary, they last for seasons to come and they can accompany you on vacation!

Hats are important people, even with sunscreen. I really hope you're all wearing sunscreen and not just the sunscreen in your foundation. If you're not, I would highly suggest adding that into your morning skincare routine TOMORROW. Aging isn't just genetic but also has an environmental component as well. Control what you can control and wear some sunscreen.

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Anyway, a sun hat is the perfect summer accessory not only because it protects your skin, but also the summer sun can really dry out your hair. For this reason it's best to limit your washes. When you're limiting your washes some days a hat is reallllly necessary.

This accessory is a small cost for the investment of your skin. I do own two and there is a reason for it. My favorite sun hat ever came from a local farmers market, it's a wide brim stiff straw hat. It's perfect for any occasion and similar to this one here. It's definitely more wearable out, think patios and shopping. The other is your typical floppy sun hat, the kind you think of for the beach or pool. Love this one for home and the lake! It's floppy, flimsy, and lightweight, find it here!

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I get it, sometimes no matter how much precaution we take, we still get sunburned. My favorite ways to quickly combat a sun burn are an aloe plant and/or moisture mist. Aloe plants are picking up popularity with the succulent trend and pretty easy to find. However, if you are in the local area, my in-home planted aloe has to constantly be split and if you BYOP (bring your own planter) you can have some of mine! Otherwise, I would highly recommend this moisture mist toner by Sanitas. Sanitas is one of my favorite skin care lines. It is clean and mimics the body's biochemistry to enhance what the body already does to heal itself. Seriously there is not a product that I have tried that I don't like from them! Speed up the healing of your sun burn AND increase the absorption of your products with this toner!

What is your MUST HAVE summer accessory?!

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