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Pardon my Absence

I promised myself I would always write what feels real. What I love. What I am passionate about. Things to encourage, share and enjoy. I needed a break to rediscover all of that.

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I think we are all guilty of it. The hustle and hurry culture. What are you even doing if you're not doing SOMETHING. What's more, if you're not sharing it to your insta or snap story. That's the problem. WE NEED REST. We need to step away. Away from this screen and that one and even the one in our pockets. We need to power down because sometimes, [wire]less is more.

I want to provide you fun and inspiring content, things you can try, buy, items to simplify, tips to make your routine maybe just a tad easier but what I can't do, is fake it. Sometimes, you have got to give yourself the same grace you give others. Take a break, take a walk, eat a pint of ice cream, enjoy a good meal, a bottle of wine, give, receive. Protect your mind and take care of yourself. Do you feel sad when you're watching the news? Don't watch it. Do you feel inferior scrolling through social media? Don't do it. Scroll less, create more. Engage more. In real life. Connect. TALK. Get coffee. Read. Bake. Walk. For the love, just protect your mind and take care of yourself.

That's a hard bargain though, because it is VERY hard to take care of yourself when you are staring at screens. Screens serving you bad news. Why? Because bad news sells. Good news doesn't go viral. Bad news does. There is more profit in bad news, so what are for profit businesses and industries going to do, serve you the bad news. Nobody argues in the comment section of good news articles and videos. But this is my little corner of the internet and I will do with it what I will. Good news ya'll, IT IS NOT BAD NEWS! It's fun, simple, engaging and encouraging. It doesn't perform as well. Take a look at controversial content. It's shared because it's unbearable. Because we cannot believe our eyes that it exists and we want others to see it. Instagram doesn't take it down. Facebook doesn't take it down. It remains, for all of our shares to see.

Now, if you post something positive, something about loving your neighbor, caring for each other, it bombs. It bombs because it's good news (that's biblical y'all). Typically if it's kingdom worthy, it looks foolish to the world. And so, it bombs. Just like this post might. But that's OK - like I said, this is my little corner of the internet. Jesus said blessed are the peace MAKERS. I'll talk my content looking lame for the opportunity to be blessed.

What many of us fail to recognize is no matter what, we all agree a lot more than we disagree. Don't laugh. I KNOW there is a lot of quarreling. I've seen it. Hell hath no fury like two people who do not agree engaging on Facebook. But let's boil this down a tad because we have a lot of fight in us and I know we can use it for good. Think of the benefits of that. How much more beneficial and better use of time and resources for us to fight AGAINST something we agree on rather than bicker over one a the few we disagree about. Most people agree black lives matter, police lives matter, whether or not they agree with how the message is being communicated, they agree there is value to human life. Most agree that we should #savethechildren. Most people want to keep their freedom. We agree with the main message, the rest is just details.

It's simple. We have to come together. Want to make an impact? Want change? COME TOGETHER. The benefits FAR outweigh the ways we are currently taking on these movements.

Until next time,

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