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My struggle with cystic acne

Being a female with experience in both the skin care and beauty industry, one would assume it would be easy to take control over their skin, but skin care goes beyond just the surface!

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There isn't much photo evidence of it, but if you saw me in the last 2 years leading right up to 2020, you know. I had the worst hormonal cystic acne. The kind where you can only pose and position your head a certain way in pictures to avoid exposing your biggest flaw. Which proves why there is almost no photo evidence of it. No I am not overly dramatic, it was bad. Really bad. I know it was hormonal because it was on my jawline and neck which is typically a flag for hormones. Typically, if you're breaking out consistently in the same area, it's an internal problem and not a skin care problem.

I had tried just about everything. I changed up my skin care routine and products. I exfoliated less, I exfoliated more, eliminated sugar, switched up my toner, used the softest and most gentle ingredients to the most harsh products you can imagine. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. That's usually not my style but I was desperate. I tried every and any supplement on the market and the most non conventional ideas to heal myself. Nothing worked.

Last fall, even during one of the most stressful periods of my life, my acne started clearing up. In 2016 I had some nutrition response testing done. This was mainly done to correct hormones that [may] have taken part in my miscarriage as well as re-balance after miscarrying. During one of my appointments, my body negatively responded to peanuts. I don't sit around eating peanuts by any means but peanut butter is my weakness. I mean, have you ever dumped some Ghirardelli 60% cacao chocolate chips into a PB jar and just spooned it out like cereal? I'm not saying you should, but I am saying you won't regret it. Anyway, I remembered this little nugget of information and thought maybe there was something to it. At the time, I had quit peanuts and related items for a few months, but eventually cashew and almond butter just weren't cutting it and I fell back into the old PB and chocolate chip routine, especially when I got pregnant again. This time, I was going to do it.

Cue stressful period of my life

It took a few months, I'd say 3 or 4 and my skin was significantly better. There was no trace, not even during menstruation that my old hormonal cystic acne would bud it's oily head.

It was such a trying time. It is so frustrating when you know it's not normal and embarrassing when you have the professional experience but can't seem to apply it to yourself. If you're struggling with acne don't give up, I promise the answer is out there you just have to keep trying. Seek advice from different experts. I would highly recommend my girl Kaila and her blog over at KW Wellness. I have worked with her in the past and she is phenomenal. She is very knowledgeable, has so many good resources and tidbits on her website and she can also relate, so you know, she knows!

If you have fought the good fight, you know how hard it is to get answers. It could be found in even the slightest, smallest area. Do yourself the favor and find the cause of it rather than just masking the issue in the false hope of a "new product!"

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