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Fav Things: Photos + Cards

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Did someone say free?! YES, that was me, I said it.

Last year while moving, we were unpacking and of course after sitting in storage for a hot minute all of my #photos in frames need to be updated. I use to do all my prints at Target, but turns out when you don't reside in Minnesota, the birthplace of Target, #Target isn't so readily available. So I needed to find a new way.

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I ended up finding and app called FreePrints. I was hesitant because I don't like to sacrifice quality for a few pennies. I tried it anyway and well, I won't be printing any other way again, not even for an excuse of a Target trip!

Here's the deal:

You get 85 free prints a month. Which has always proved to be plenty in my case. On the 1st of every month your 85 refreshes but no rollovers, so keep that in mind. You do have to pay shipping but it's a pretty fair trade for free photo prints. You can earn or pay for upgrades such as free shipping, larger prints of more bonus FREE prints. Upon signing up you earn a free photo book and photo tile. They are different apps, but all in the same family.

Also in the same family, another app called Ink Cards. I found this one a few months ago when looking to send out some photo cards of the kids to family. I sent one out and the card was better than expected and process was seamless! They send you notifications once your card is ordered, printed and also throughout the shipping process and delivery. I love these cards because they're personalized with a photo(s), your own message and you can even sign them. I had the kids sign them and although a little messy, it's personal! Every mother in the family received one for Mothers day and it felt more special than your standard card. The absolute best part- they start at $2! And for reference, I did order the $2 ones and only have good things to say. They are post card style, but of course there are upgraded options as well!

As promised, there is always more ways to save :) Use code bbjorklund5 at signup for FreePrints and you will earn an extra 5 free prints!

To try Ink Cards and earn your first card for FREE use this link for sign up

happy printing!

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