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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Life is hard. I am so grateful but sometimes so frustrated.

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I have to be honest, if 2020 was a mood it would probably be mine. It is so hard, it is so grateful for the little things, the easy things, the often over-looked things, but it is frustrated. It longs for what it wants to be and for the difference it knows it can make. But it is also so angry for the change that hasn't come yet. If 2020 was a person, it might be me.

10 years ago I was baptized. Almost to the day. I have come so incredibly far. I should be proud of that, and I am. But most days I'm more upset of how far I haven't come. Why? Why don't we focus more on the haves than the have-nots? The have-nots are not has beens, therefore the have-nots are just made up HAVES in our head! Did I lose you there, that was a mouthful.

What I am trying to say is, nothing that we ever hope for comes packaged up the way we want or expect. Our have-nots are just made up ideas of what we want in our head, and our wants are mostly unrealistic ways of accomplishing things both materialistic and intangible. So in short, have-nots don't exactly exist in reality. We're out here longing for things that aren't reality y'all, no wonder so many people are anxious and depressed!

From my perspective, the best way to live your best life, is to live in the present, soak in the now, be in the now and do in the now. Because tomorrow might bring you illness, a diagnosis, a lay-off, or a loss. Many people have experienced all 4 in the last 6 months. It's times like these, when in suffering, we are most changed. It's times like these, in the deepest of valleys, we either make a change for ourselves or someone else. When we're struggling we either find the strength within ourselves or someone is the strength we need. These are the times we're truly making a difference and when you're making a difference, you're making a living. A life not only you can benefit from but someone else as well. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. "For a time such as this."

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2020 is getting such a bad rap. But I truly think when we look back on 2020 we're sure going to be grateful for it. Certainly not this year or maybe even the next. Certainly not without cringing a bit and probably being a little resentful. But we will look back and know all the HAVES we had and what we gained from not acquiring our have-nots. We will have started the year as someone and end the year as someone else. The time we had no other choice but to turn from the has-beens, to the I Am. Because we made a difference, we made a life.

If you don't know where or how to start...

Just be nice,

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