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Make your own elderberry syrup

I recently shared my first go-around with making elderberry syrup at home and had some of you follow up. Here's how!

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If you read my celery juice post, this is another habit I started myself and the kids on when COVID began to sweep the nation. It reminds me of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. The reporter comes on and in his every bit of seriousness says, "This ladies and gentleman is the sign of our times. The symbol of havoc, the mad craze that's sweeping the world today. Whatever corner of the globe your'e in, whichever the 5 continents you're on..." Except we're not talking about golden tickets. Maybe toilet paper at one point, as it too was impossible to find, but not golden tickets. I digress. We have taken elderberry before, but never that consistently. I found this opportunity to be the perfect time to start.

Elderberry is full of antioxidants (like most berries) and vitamins which can help boost your immune system. It also helps ease symptoms of ailments and may tame inflammation, to name a few... because there is more! However it is a natural diuretic, ridding the body of excess fluids, so don't take it before you road trip, get on a flight, anywhere where a bathroom will be hard to come by.

Over the last 4 months I have tried at least 5 different brands, not because I wanted to but because everyone else must have had the same idea. Elderberry syrup was selling out online and in stores. The family favorite was the very first one we tried by Bug & Mini Co. It is delicious, simple and MINIMAL ingredients and by far the best tasting. Bonus: they are local! I always enjoy supporting local small business but ESPECIALLY during these times.

After the bottles continued to sell out, they started offering the elderberry syrup kits! This is a winner. You get twice the amount for less than the cost of their largest 16oz bottle. WIN MY HEART OVER. You know your girl can't pass up an obvious deal!

Just to give you the quick run down- they sell a 16 oz bottle for for $28.99 and the kit makes 32 oz for $18.99. Making the syrup is super easy all you need is a pot, a bowl, something to mash the berries with and cheese-cloth (optional) this just allows you to squeeze out a little more juice from the berries after mashing.

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The kit comes with cooking instructions so I won't explain it all here, but for the record there are minimal steps. Make sure you have a glass jar or jars, to store it in the airtight lids for it to keep as it must be stored in the refrigerator. It lasts from 6- 8 weeks, but if everyone in your family is taking it, no worries it will not go to waste!

I think it's healthy for us to talk about the good that has come out of a spontaneous mess that is likely overtaking our entire year. Have you picked up any positive quarantine habits? Let me know! I'd love to hear about them.

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