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How to Tint your Brows

One of my favorite salon services is the brow tint. It makes them so much easier to fill in if you want to go glam, want a more dramatic look or you can leave them bare! Either way a tint makes your desired look, much more easy to achieve!

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I love a good statement brow. The bolder, the better. I know not everyone agrees but the main thing is, I just want to SEE them! This ideal brow stems from the lack of what mine are, because we always want what we can't have right?! It's not the shape that's bad, my brows are ok in that department but the pigment is a little lacking. A lot lacking. There is zero hue, the blondest and lightest brows you have ever seen, or haven't seen.

I recently purchased a tint kit from amazon of course, that included 20 applications and it was $19.95. Seems skeptical, but I had to try it anyway. Why? Because my salon brow tint cost me $21 and that's just one application and if this does work I am paying less than a dollar an application! Like I have said, I have experienced a lot of trial and error in my willing to try and test new things so what's another one?

Well, I am so glad I tried it because this is going to save so much money! It is simple. And not simple like, I have got a lot of brow tints in the past and use to work in the industry applying brow tint to others, simple. I am talking three steps simple. Mix, apply, remove. That is it!

First I should mention, I am pretty blonde and I got the light brown color. I almost got dark brown because I enjoy a statement brow and it fades when you wash your face twice a day but dark brown was out of stock. Light brown REALLY does the trick though and appears pretty dark. I did leave it on one minute longer than suggested for that reason!

Before starting I would definitely recommend a good brow trim. In case you missed it, you can find those steps on my post here! All you have to do is open a capsule and pour it into the mixing bowl provided. Add equal parts developer and mix! As soon as it is mixed it starts processing so you'll want to apply ASAP. Apply the color directly on the shape of your brow with the included brow brush, following the same line of how you fill them in. If you go outside of your brow line wipe off with a q-tip quickly. If not, your skin will stain which isn't a huge deal but it will throw off your brow until it wears off the skin in a week or so. Leave it on for the time stated on the directions. For light brown it is 1-2 minutes, I did 3 for good measure. Remove with a wet cloth that you don't care about because it will stain and you're done. You are good to go!

I wouldn't ever recommend cheap brows, but this is an exception to the rule.

Questions? Drop them below!

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