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girl, trim your brows

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Most people think it's a brow wax they need, but a much needed trim solves a lot of the problem!

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After seeing all the videos on #quarantinecut and waxes, it seems like a good time to address brow trimming. Even if the stay at home order has lifted, it's harder than every to get an appointment with your artists and stylists! If it is time for a wax [or if you think it is] a trim will most likely suffice to hold you until your next appointment!.

Brow Trimming:

"Shorter hair is stronger and all fine hair can benefit from a trim, which is why the ends always go!

If you have ever been to #beauty school you've heard that shorter hair looks thicker. Which is better described as, shorter hair is stronger and all fine hair can benefit from a trim, which is why the end always go! So yes, short hair appears thicker and every brow needs a trim.

I don't know where you're getting your brows done but I do know that most places are not trimming. If you're not seeing a brow artist that educates you on your brow shape and trimming your brows, you should find a new brow lady! Your brow shape is proportioned to your face shape and trimming them enhances both!

What you need:

brow brush & cuticle scissors


Take your brow brush (if you don't know what that is it resembles a mascara brush, it's just dry - a link to my favorite here that is a duo brow brush) and brush your brow hairs up. You don't have to be gentle here, in fact being a little aggressive will get you better results. Take your cuticle scissors and go against the way the hair originally falls and trim anything that falls ABOVE your brow line. Note: most cuticle scissors have a small curve in them, make sure your curve is going up and away from your brow line, taking less at a time is better than taking too much at once. I recommend doing this process through twice.

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Next, take your brow brush and brush your brows down, again going against the natural fall of hair and the curve of the scissors AWAY from your brow trim the ends that fall outside of your brow line. By this step you should have very minimal trimming to do. Be sure not to trim too much from the tails of your brow because this is where some brows get their length.

Fill them in!

Trimming your brows makes them a MILLION times easier to fill in. Your lines are much easier to follow and the powder sets a lot better between shorter and stronger brow strands. You will be able to follow and enhance your arch much better too.

Pro-tip : #highlight beneath your brows to further complement the shape! I have been using the Kelley Baker Brow Highlight for years and have never found a better product! Secret: you can also use it on your waterline as eye liner to brighten your eyes and look more well-rested.

The more you know ;)

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