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Essential oils

Essential oils have been a part of our family's daily routine since 2014. There are a million uses for oils and they make any DIY more effective and smell amazing!

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I first learned about essential oils in 2013 when I was attending school for Esthetics. We were using it for aromatherapy when learning facials. We steamed our towels with them and learned about all the benefits each oil can have on the skin. That was just the beginning for me. I think by now most people have tried essential oils, if not you should! But beware, the addiction is REAL!

They're the most simple way to add an additional benefit to any routine. Oils have so many uses. Hair care, skin care, diffuse, cleaning, the whole works. Personally, I make my own cleaning solution with lemon and grapefruit oils, among other ingredients. I include it in my skin care, use it for cramps and add it to my DIY dry shampoo (you can catch that recipe here)! When you're constantly using them, those little bottles can go quickly. It also makes all the difference WHERE you're getting them. If they're not sourced correctly they're ineffective and full of filler ingredients that can do more harm than good.

Mountain Rose Herbs responsibly sources fair trade, organic ingredients. At the same time, they are the most inexpensive oils I have ever purchased! They have their own family of farms, review the sites soil and water, quality control lab test their products AND they are a ZERO waste company. Many times, you're getting a larger bottle of a higher quality product when you purchase from them opposed to buying from the typical EO businesses you think of. Who doesn't want better for less?! They do sell a few blends but their blog features recipe blends so you can mix your own - which I have taken advantage of a time or two (theives/immunity boost)! You can also find a ton of other recipes on their blog for pets, tea, bath bombs, face masks, cleaning sprays and you'll never overspend on lip balm again after using this recipe! Seriously, it is incredibly easy and you'll have lip balm for a year or a lot of stocking stuffers - yeah, we're going there already ;)

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They also offer some great gentle skin care products. I love the facial serum in Wild Rose and Tea Tree Juniper. I have used the the Tea Tree Juniper in the past to help with acne and Wild Rose to fight signs of aging. For the same reason, I go for their Rose facial wash. I could go on about all the products I have tried, Lavender skin cream, Sage Mint facial toner, and would highly recommend them all. The babies and kids line and skin salves have also been huge in our household. I am actually somewhat embarrassed typing this all out to you because I DID NOT realize how much of their product I own/ have owned in the past. I guess that proves to you how much I love this brand and their products. They offer SO MUCH more too. Their product line continues to expand and they have so many great offerings. If you're cognizant of what you put in and on your body you have got to try Mountain Rose Herbs. If you care about the planet, you have got to try Mountain Rose Herbs. If you like to save money on your organic products, you have got to try Mountain Rose Herbs! No, this is not an ad I just really love them that much and I know you guys will too!

Don't forget: though there are many ways to use essential oils when applying them directly, always use a carrier oil. Essential oils are very potent and can be harsh if directly applied to the skin, especially sensitive skin and children. I usually use almond oil or coconut oil, but even a simple avocado or olive oil will do!

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