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My journey to finding the perfect #facemask has never had to go beyond this one!

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So maybe that headline sentence should come with an asterisk. Only because of the different type of face masks. This is my favorite for deep cleansing! As always, it's SO easy!

We can get weird here right? Well, it's not only my favorite facial mask, but I have also used it on my underarms. If you're wondering why.... when a person switches from a traditional antiperspirant to a clean and more #natural deodorant. It's not always pleasant. There is itching, and rashes and most of the time it seems/smells like your natural deodorant is working. That's because your underarms need a deep cleanse! I also like to use it for surfacing ingrown hairs. Obviously there is a ton of uses here, which is another reason to love it!

I like to call this the monster mask because it's green and you'll look like Nessie the lochness monster upon application. What the monster mask does is removes impurities by drawing them to the surface. It kills surface #bacteria and bacteria deep within your pores/follicles and draws out harmful chemicals from your skin (from conventional makeup and sin care products)!

If you happened to catch my DIY dry shampoo post, we'll be using the same healing clay.

First make sure you're using a non metal bowl and a non metal spoon. Glass or porcelain container works best and if you have a coated baby spoon- go with that! Or anything non metal will work to stir.


  • 1 tbsp bentonite clay

  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (ACV)

  • 1-2 tsp (depends on consistency for ease of application- should be a clay texture)

  • apply with your fingers & fully cover face and neck

If you have #sensitiveskin, I would recommend 5-10 minutes, especially if it's your first time making or using these ingredients or 10-15 minutes if you have normal sensitivity. Use a soft wet cloth (the erase your face cloths work GREAT here!) to remove. As the mask sets on your skin it's going to become hard, tighten and begin to solidify. This is why a WET cloth is a must for removal! While the mask is setting a warm sensation and tingling feeling are normal. If you feel burning or extreme discomfort remove right away and try for an extra minute or two next time. Your skin will react faster to the ACV + Bentonite clay mixture quicker if it is not use to it. Post mask redness is also normal, that is showing increased blood flow to the surface- which means it's working!

The ingredients in this mask are strong and is recommended only once a week or once every other week. I have been using this mask for years and have seen significant improvement in my skin! Healthy skin doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and goes beyond just your skin care products. Diet, makeup, brush cleansing and even hair product all make a difference!

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