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Brightening your blonde

I have tried about every purple and blue shampoo there is. The results are in for BEST product to pull out your platinum!

It's not easy being a test subject but it's always worth it when you find the holy grail you have been searching for. I have tried multiple brands at every cost in my pursuit for the perfect #platinum shampoo. Not only did I discover the best shampoo but the best pair for keeping my hair color salon fresh.

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My favorite thing about these products are that they are made in Italy. It might not sounds like a big deal but where it's made matters. What I mean by that is, the EU has more strict #ingredient guidelines than the US. When you're buying products from Europe you can be sure to receive higher quality in ingredients and ethics opposed to the US.

Are you ready for the big reveal yet? It's called Fanola No Yellow Shampoo (and of course available on amazon). If you've got any type of #blonde or grey in your hair, this is a must have to keep it vibrant. The name itself, No Yellow, is pretty self explanatory. It neutralizes any yellow or golden tones that typically pull through after a few washes away from the salon. Typically, I do my usual shampoo first and do a second shampoo with this, just to make sure my hair is clean and the strands are able to soak in the purple pigment. I leave it in my hair for about 2 minutes before rinsing, any longer and your hair could pull the purple, which has happened to me in the past but I really didn't mind that at all. I'm all for cool and ashy tones so a little purple doesn't bother me. It will stain so as soon as you're done rubbing it over all of your hair, make sure to rinse

your hands right away.

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I have found, what works best for me, is to the follow with the Fanola No Orange Mask. This is the perfect blend for my blonde to avoid any yellow and also brassy undertones. It also keeps my hair from turning to blue or purple and balances my blonde perfectly. I leave the mask on for about 3 minutes, rinse and condition as usual. You will find after using a #hairmask, you need very little conditioner because your hair is very smooth and well nourished.

If you are someone who washes your hair often, I would NOT recommend using these products every wash. Maybe every other or once a week. If you're like me and wash only once of twice a week, I have had no problem using at every wash. It should be noted that everyone's hair is different, so you may have to find your best wash schedule for what works with your hair specifically. Either way, this one does the trick for bringing your blonde back!

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